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Odds are, you've dreamed about your wedding day your entire life. I know I did. You probably picture how your photos will look and may feel giddy at the thought of looking back on them with your spouse, children, and grandchildren one day.

When you look back at your photos in ten or twenty, or thirty years, I want to make sure you can truly feel the way you felt in the very moment the shutter clicked on my camera. Your wedding day is not about the photos, so my goal is for you to always be fully present all day, and to make sure that when you look at your photos afterwards, you feel the raw, and real emotion behind them. The candid, heart felt, true moments are what matter most. 

I cannot wait to hear all about your love story. 
-Hannah Pate 

Meet your Photographer

Documenting your love, and helping you remember how it all felt.

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