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I picked up a camera after my own wedding, because I learned just how important the little moments are. The moments like the hands held with your grandmother who you weren't even sure would make it to your wedding day, the uncontainable joy walking back down the aisle after first being announced as "married!", the glances from your mother while she looks at her child all grown up and starting a new chapter of life. Those moments matter most. 

My goal is to always prioritize the true moments, and hear you when you tell me who and what is the most important for me to capture during your perfect day. I want to get to know you and spend time understanding who you are and what makes you and your significant other so perfect for one another. I truly feel that is the best way to capture photos that are authentic to who you are. 

Your wedding day matters to me, too. I'm not just there to capture the pretty photos. I will be spending all day alongside you, and my goal is always to make sure I blend in with your friends and family.  I'm there to celebrate you while simultaneously taking photos, but also helping you bustle your dress, hold your tissues, help grandma down the stairs, or protect the door while you and your honey have a moment alone after your "I do's". You matter, your day matters, and I love celebrating you. 

My main goal as your photographer is to capture images that are true to you, and making your memories into art that is cherished for a lifetime. My only request to each of my clients is to trust me and allow me to be creative in the space we share. The best images come from authenticity to you, and authenticity to me and my approach. 

I can't wait to meet you and freeze your memories in time. Thank you for being here. 



Hi hi, I'm Hannah

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